Disney World Secrets Revealed

So, you think you know Walt Disney World, do ya? Well, get ready to learn and a thing or two, because we’re revealing some of the biggest secrets hidden ’round the parks!

These fast facts are thrilling for any fan, especially if you’ve got an upcoming trip to the most magical place on earth. So, be sure to keep this article saved in your phone because you just may find it in the perfect companion while waiting in line for your favorite attraction. That is, if you plan to wait in line!

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  1. Audio-Animatronics Have 9 Lives!

Ever spot an old audio-animatronic in a new ride? That’s because Disney is thrifty and resourceful by strategically re-skinning and repurposing audio-animatronic figures from extinct attractions. The most famous example of this can be found at Disneyland’s Splash Mountain, where the former America Sings animals can be found. However, one of our favorite is located in the queue to Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We won’t give it away… you’re just going o have to see for yourself!

  1. Imagineers Are Hiding in Be Our Guest

Next time you’re dining at Be Our Guest, be sure to check out the artwork throughout the ballroom. The cute little kiddos on the ceiling mural are the faces of the Imagineer’s children!

  1. Most of the Flags on Main Street, U.S.A. Are Not Real

It is a beautiful sight to behold – Magic Kingdom’s Main Street, U.S.A. lined with our nation’s flags. Just one thing… they’re not technically American. Due to national regulations that require traditional flags be raised, lowered, and flown at half-mast, each of these flags is minus a star or a stripe. This technicality allows for the flag to be left up permanently.

  1. The Tower of Terror Pickle

Imagineers are a curious bunch, constantly finding ways to amuse audiences and each other. This was especially true on the set of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, where practical jokes ran ramped. As the story goes, they would continually hide and surprise each other with a jar of pickled sausages – constantly moving it from location to location. However, legend has it that one Imagineer mistakenly left it behind one night and it was accidently glued down to the set.

Strangely enough, the still remains behind the photo pickup.

  1. Even the Sidewalks Tell a Story

Disney isn’t just esthetically pleasing… it is thoughtful, as well. On Magic Kingdom’s Main Street, U.S.A., the differing colors on the walkway are designed to subconsciously help guests and prevent them from tripping in the evening.

Meanwhile, Liberty Square dons brown pathways which represent how colonial-era residents would dispose of their waste. Gross? Sure! Creatively? Definitely!

  1. Disney Legends Are All Above You

Each window on Main Street, U.S.A. is inscribed with a distinctive and witty honor, personalized to an integral “cast member” who made a major contribution to the park.

Some of the most noteworthy include:

  • Buddy Baker
  • Roy O. Disney
  • Yale Gracey
  • Claude Coats

Next time your racing to the castle, take a moment to look up and pay your respects to these creative individuals.

  1. Every 30 Feet

Walt wanted his parks to be squeaky clean. That’s why, every 30 feet you can find a trash can at Walt Disney World. This is not just some random mistake; this is intentional to keep the parks looks neat and tidy. Not only are these cans convenient, they are often themed and have become a beloved piece of the parks for fan world-wide. Think we’re kidding? Check ShopDisney! Here, you will find an array of Disney Parks Trash Can Christmas Tree ornaments.

  1. Haunted Mansion Is Scarier Than You Think

Think Haunted Mansion is scary? You ain’t see nothing yet, folks! Next time you’re in the stretching room, be sure to stick around until the last person leaves. You just may hear the gargoyles whispering for you to get out! Better listen, because no one knows what comes next!

  1. Look Down at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The detail found around the parks is second to none, especially in Disney World’s newest invention! Pay close attention next time you’re making your way through Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In fact, keep your head down and you’ll notice R2-D2 wheel tracks embedded in the walkways.

  1. Members-Only

Sure, we all know that Walt Disney World has its own members-only club! But did you know that they are literally right there in front of you?! All four Club 33 locations honor varying aspects of Walt Disney’s life and travels, decorated with endless homages to the man, the myth, the legend… Walt Disney!

You can spot these locations:

  • Epcot – above the American Adventure
  • Magic Kingdom – the right of the Adventureland entrance,
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios – second floor of the Hollywood Brown Derby
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – Harambe House


And there you have it, our Disney World Fast Fact Secrets Revealed. So, how many did you already know? Have any you’d like to add to our list. Be sure to leave them in the Facebook comments!

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