Top 10 Best Smells of Walt Disney World: Part Two

It was mid-May of the year that shall-not-be-named and every single Disney theme park was shutdown across the entire globe. Missing the magic, fans from far and wide joined together to share tips that would help keep that daily dose of Disney alive through these unpredictable and unprecedented times. Copycat recipes and Disney+ watch parties sprung up like weeds through the cracks of an abandoned Liberty Square walkway. However, one particular suggestion got me through even my darkest of days; Magic Candle Company’s fragrance oils. In a time where no one knew when the parks would reopen, within mere seconds, I could be transported to my favorite attraction, resort, or snack kiosk… Dole Whip anyone? Coming right up!

In addition to offering a quick trip to our collective happy place, as each fragrancy permeated throughout the room, a caravan of long-lost memories performed an elegant tango throughout my consciousness. What price would you pay to unlock a treasure-trove of days gone by?

While nothing quite compares with being within the gates, this scentsational DIY-of-sorts certainly did the trick in a time of deep desperation and have since become a staple in my everyday routine. Anytime I am in need of small reprieve from the real world, this seemingly simple sensory mind-hack helps me escape to my very own wonderland of boundless nostalgia.

If our olfactory cells can recreate magical memories without the support of an entire theme park behind it, what feats of fancy can be achieved when all the individual instruments blend together to make one silly symphony? Join us for Top 10 Best Smells of Walt Disney World: Part Two to find out!

Soarin’ Around the World

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If heaven is half as peaceful as this glorious attraction, we’re in for one swinging wake! Soarin’ Around the World, in my humble opinion, encapsulates the essence of Imagineering; it employs effective groundbreaking technology, contains limitless imagination, and manages to tickle each and every one of your senses. Throw in a charming engineering backstory and an unforgettable score and you’ve got yourself another Must-Do arrtraction!

Soarin’ Around the World is the perfect example of every show element working in perfect harmony. And while one piece of the puzzle doesn’t protrude over the edges of the next, one does go the extra mile. Whether it be grass, jasmine and a tropical blend, it is the scent that takes this modern-day classic over the edge. The attraction clearly does not need it, yet it goes there, providing us with yet another example of the Disney difference.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

In any other amusement park in the world, savoring the smell of a murky boat ride would be considered deplorable. Yet, when it comes to the Disney parks, fans wax poetic for forums on end about the dingy yet intoxicating musk of ‘cannibal water.’ While the thick layer of haze adds to the piratical potpourri, what you’re actually admiring is the exhilarating stench of bromine, a disinfectant used to sterilize the seven seas you sail upon.

So, is the smell of this chemical really as pleasant as some say or is beauty being found in the nose of the beholder? Well, matty… I would be willing to wager a few pieces of eight on the power of sense memory recall over the compound itself. Regardless, bromine tis a Disney classic, she be!

Flight of Passage

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

It can be said that Flight of Passage is Soarin’ all grown up! In fact, the attraction is so believable that most guests do not recall a scent being used within the experience at all. Yet, throughout your journey, you will observe the mist upon your face, feel a banshee breathing between your knees, and detect the scent of the crisp saltwater, all as you glide through this vibrant and immaculate land.

Germany Pavilion (Karamell-Kuche)

Photo Credit: Ted Wioncek III

This cozy caramel covered sweet shop serves up a wide range of baked treats, from cakes & cookies to iced brownies. But what makes this place especially wunderbar is that it is sponsored by the one and only Werther’s, notorious for their mouthwatering candies. The moment you enter the Germany Pavilion, you will find yourself captive by the rich sweetness that surrounds you. Good luck moving onto China or Italy without stopping in for a morsel or two or three… who’s counting really?!?!

The Epcot International Festivals

Top 10 Best Smells of Walt Disney World: Part Two
Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Whether you prefer the Epcot International Food & Wine, Flower & Garden, or Festival of the Arts, you just can’t go wrong with their individual stellar lineups! While the culinary chefs d’oeuvre and entertainment offerings may be considered the leading players of this production, the beautiful blend of flavorful aromas and decorative floral touches meld together in one miraculous perfume. The best part is, the fragrance changes with each festival, each season, each day, and even each step you take as you sojourn through Epcot’s World Showcase.

That concludes our Top 10 Best Smells of Walt Disney World: Part Two! If you are just tuning in, be sure to go back and check out Top 10 Best Smells of Walt Disney World: Part One!

Did we miss any of your favorite Walt Disney World aromas? Let us know what made it on your list! See ya real soon!