You CAN Afford a Disney Trip

Think Disneyland or Walt Disney World is out of your price range? Think again! Believe it or not, you can afford a Disney trip! There are tons of ways to save money on your next vacation. And while our Traveling Mouse Company professionals would be happy to share their tricks of the trade with you, this article is going to teach you how to save some major coin once you’ve gotten yourself through the gates!

Bring Your Refillable Water Bottle!

Whether you’re visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you’re going to want to stay ulta-hydrated while you’re in the parks. While soda, juice, and libations may certainly tickle your tastebuds, nothing compares to the mystical thirst-quenching powers of good ol’ fashioned H2O!

That is why it is so important to bring your reusable water bottle and be sure to fill it up at each restaurant, kiosk, or water fountain.

If not, you could find yourself spending an average of over $100 per person on your next vacation!

Split Table Service Meals

I know… this one just feels downright wrong! But we have put it to the test and are happy to report that it is possible!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big eater or a world-class foodie… when it comes to serving sizes, Disney is not shy. That is why you should try splitting a table service meal (or two) throughout your trip. This will take hundreds off your final bill…

Not to mention, it will keep you from having to hit the gym to hard when vacation has finally come to an end.

Bring the Rum

We’re not telling you not to take advantage of all the wonderful lounges that Disney has to offer – by all means – Trader Sam’s alone is a ceremonial experience for any fan! But if you enjoy a morning mimosa or evening nightcap… bring them with you.

It’s easier than you think! All you have to do is stop by the Duty Free on your way to your gate and fill up on the essentials. Or once you touchdown, place your delivery order from the nearest Target!

Trust us, no one wants to pay $7 for a can of beer


This one is highly controversial. WARNING: If you’re a fan of merch, this may sting a little bit.

As you pursue the shops along Main Street U.S.A., take a photo of the items of most desire. Try to keep this list under five items, if possible. On the last day of your trip, look over your list again. Chances are, some of the newness will have worn off and you won’t be so heartsick about letting one or two stay behind.

If you find yourself back home and deeply regretting your decision… there is always ShopDisney.

Pack Options…lots and lots of options

Disney weather can be a little flicked from time to time. Avoid having to grab that overpriced and unexpected sweatshirt from the giftshop by packing a few hot-to-cold options with you.

Get the Mug!

That refillable mug that has be eyeing you up at each resort quick service may not be as bad of a deal as you think. Given the average cost of a fountain beverage at the resorts, it pretty much pays for it by the sixth refill. And yes, this counts for your coffee and tea, as well. So, go ahead and fill ‘er up!

Take a DVC Tour

Whether you’re interested in joining Disney Vacation Club or not… take the tour! Often, they’re giving away something for FREE. In the past, we’ve heard rumors of free meals, vouchers, and more!

BONUS: If you do want to join DVC, find a friend who is already a member. If you mention them at the tour (and you join) they’ll receive a kickback. Currently, they are offering $150 is meal vouchers.

Pack Your Pills

While the markup on meds at the resorts could be worse, nothing will beat the value pack of Advil you go from Costco at home. Throw a few of those bad boys in a Ziplock bag and bring them with you.

Ask for Gift Cards

If you’ve got a Birthday coming up, be sure to ask your family and friends for Disney Gift Cards! This little Diz-fund will help you from spending the cash someplace else in the meantime.

And remember, you don’t have to spend it all on THIS trip. Let some of it roll over for the next time.

BONUS: This tip goes for the littles too! Let them bring a few Disney bucks of their own with them!

And there you have it, 9 Ways for you to Save at Disney! So, what are you waiting for, huh? Book your trip today!