Where To Relax in Walt Disney World Parks!

Where To Relax in Walt Disney World Parks!Let’s face it, Walt Disney World can be a bit overwhelming. There is just so much to do and see, you really have to BE PREPAAAAARRRED to pace yourself. In other words, you need to plan to give yourself a much needed “time out”. So, without going back to your hotel to take a midday nap, where in the Walt Disney World parks can you catch your breath? We’ve got you…

Below you will find one option from each park!

Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland Transit Authority

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is an elevated tram that provides guests with a leisurely voyage through Tomorrowland. Throughout, you are treated to a pre-recorded narrated tour, as you get a sneak peek behind the scenes of beloved attractions, such as Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spring and Space Mountain.  In addition, you also get a gander at the architectural models of Progress City, the original prototype for Epcot!

We love that the TTA offers a rare glimpse on the park in a calm and informative matter. Unlike a VIP Walking-Tour (which we strongly suggest, by the way), you stay off your feet, remaining in your vehicle for the entire duration of your journey. That’s over ten minutes a pure relaxation!

It is important to note, despite the fact that this ride does not provide you with good ol’ air conditioning, due to it’s constant movement, it does offer a slight breeze!


Living with the Land

This slow-moving 15-mintue boat ride is equal parts dark ride and greenhouse tour.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I love Living with the Land. This attraction gets a bad reputation for being “boring.” Truth is, it is probably one of the most fascinating things you will experience throughout your entire trip! It’s just “traditional” theme park fun.  It is, however, gentle, relaxing, and (thanks to the sounds of trickling water and natural sound effects) serene.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney Presents

Appropriately located within Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney Presents is an interactive gallery featuring memorabilia from the Disney archives, including sketches, photos, storyboards, models, costumes, artwork, props and more! In addition, there is a 15-minute film presentation – One Man’s Dream – that celebrates Walt’s amazing rags-to-riches tale!

A museum may not be the first thing that comes to mind while visiting Walt Disney World, but we assure you that not only is this presentation worth your attention, it is also a ideal spot to get out of the heat, the sun, the crowds… and just take a beat to marvel at the wonder that was the founder of this magical feast.

Another facet to be enjoyed about this attraction is the audible peace and quiet it provides. Now, don’t get us wrong… we love the roar of the Slinky Dog Dash and the screams pervading from The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. However, the stillness that you’ll find within Walt Disney Presents helps to break up the cacophony that can sometimes be deafening for long periods at a time whilst inside a theme park. 

Think of Walt Disney Presents as the perfect palate cleanser to place in the middle of you meal.

Disney Animal Kingdom

Rafiki’s Planet Watch / The Affection Section

Rafiki’s Planet Watch showcases viewing areas where exams and surgical procedures may be observed. In addition to the veterinary facilities, experts are on hand to educate guest on the caring for, and meal preparation for the many animals found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the nearby “Affection Section” is where guests get the opportunity to interact with the animals. At first, they appear to be the usual petting zoo variety of animals, but you’ll discover that they are exotic breeds of sheep, goats, deer, pigs, etc.

While this two-in-one option speaks for itself, allow us to elaborate. This location is tucked far away from the rest of the AK hubbub! Therefor, it is often relatively empty, in comparison to other major attractions throughout the park. In addition, when it comes to calming down, we human beings can count on our furry friends to lend a therapeutic helping hand!

In Conclusion

And there you have it, our list of 4 chill-worthy attractions within the Walt Disney World parks! Do you have a special place at Walt Disney World that you like to take a “time out?” Let us know in the comments below!