So, you consider yourself a bit of a cinemafile, eh? Well, then do we have the proper day at EPCOT for you! Located throughout both World Celebration and World Showcase, there are a plethora of noteworthy films for you to enjoy. In fact, some of them are so groundbreaking that we’ve dubbed this, the EPCOT FILM FESTIVAL!

  1. Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival (Imagination Pavilion)

    Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival

    Photo Credit: LaughingPlace

Pop on a pair of 3D glasses and prepare for a heartwarming and awe-inspiring day at the movies! This 18-minute presentation showcases 3 shorts, each featuring some of the most dazzling in-theatre effects.

Currently, the three films featured are Get a Horse, Piper, and Feast.

In addition to the features, the queue highlights an exhibit that takes you behind the lenses at through the creative process.

Pro Tip: This is the second most kid friendly film featured in our EPCOT FILM FESTIVAL, next to Beauty and the Beasty Sing-Along!

  1. Impressions de France (France Pavilion)

Impressions de France (France Pavilion)

Enter a land of princesses and enchanted castles, as the Loire Valley and its magnificent chateaux appear in a stunning 200-degree widescreen view. This virtual journey showcases scenic moments, such as a the Cheverny Forest, Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, Normandy’s bustling marketplaces, racing in Cannes, and a proper Bastille Day celebration held in true Gallic fashion! Complementing the visuals is an emotional soundtrack by French composers like Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Paul Dukas.

In addition to the film, the Palais du Cinema hosts six distinct gallery cases honoring the costumes, music and artwork that brought French literature to life through cinema, theater, ballet and opera.

Pro Tip: Also located at this venue is the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along! If you time it just right, you can see both features back-to-back, without having to leave the pavilion. You will have to reenter the theatre, however.

  1. Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along (France Pavilion)Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along (France Pavilion)

We hope you’ve been practicing in the shower because this is one musical event that needs your voice! The enchanting story of Belle and the Beast’s unravels before your eyes in a toe taping sing along, showcasing your favorite tuns like Be Our Guest, Gaston, and more! Just one little thing… this isn’t the story as you know it! You see, a certain loveable bad guy (LeFou) shows us how HE is the real hero of the story. That’s right, it’s a tale as old as time like you’ve never heard it before!

Pro Tip: If a certain voice sounds familiar in this musical cavalcade, that’s because it is! Angela Lansbury reprises her role as the beloved Mrs. Potts.

  1. Reflections of China (China Pavilion)Reflections of China (China Pavilion)

Traverse through ancient and modern China throughout this stunning 14-minute Circle-Vision 360° film. Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai guides you on an immersive journey through the sights and sounds of China. Effortlessly glide down the Haungpu River to Shanghai, view historic Nanjing Road, observe the gentle movements of tai chi, and the nimble acrobatics of the Peking Opera Company.

Also featured are the Huangshan Mountain range, Sea of Clouds, Yangtze River, Suzhou (dubbed “the Venice of the East” by Marco Polo), and more!

Thanks to spectacular “wraparound” Circle-Vision 360° cinematography, you’ll feel as if you’re really there!

  1. Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 (Canada Pavilion)

Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360

Canadian superstars, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara narrate the 12-minutes expedition through a stunning sequence of sweeping scenic views. Though this breathtaking look at the Great White North is not as funny as its predecessor, O’ Canada! (Starring Martin Short), it is still every bit as beautiful.

Pro Tip: Unfortunately, Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 is currently closed. We do not know when it will be back. However, you can find a copy of it on YouTube!

  1. Awesome Planet (The Land Pavilion)Awesome Planet

Immerse yourself in a remarkable 10-minute film featuring spectacular imagery from across the globe. In a partnership with the Disney Conservation Fund, this film uses in-theater effects (including wind, scents and water) to tell the story of life on our planet and why it’s vitally important to care for it.

Pro Tip: If you’re a fan of Modern Family, be sure not to miss this feature. Narrating our journey through time and space is none other than Ty Burrell. And in an interesting bit of synergy, he reprises his role as a realtor.

And there you have it, our EPCOT FILM FESTIVAL! So, are you up for the challenge! Let us know in the comments below!