Toy Story Mania-How to Play and Score Big!

Toy Story Midway Mania is an interactive 4-D theme park attraction located in Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Andy gets a new carnival play set for his birthday. His toys come to life and assemble the carnival games for your enjoyment.
Riders wear 3-D glasses aboard spinning vehicles that travel through virtual environments based on classic carnival midway games. Ride vehicles seat up to eight in four back-to-back pairs. Your ride vehicle will spin you around a few times and bring you in line before a screen. The first screen is a practice round so you can learn how to aim and shoot your toy cannon. You pull the string on your cannon after you have aimed it at a target. Your cannon is tossing pies at the bull’s-eyes being held by two of your favorite Toy Story characters. There are five mini-games that follow this pie-throwing practice round and your toy cannon will shoot out different object at each game. Each mini-game is hosted by a couple of Toy Story or Toy Story 3 characters. Your on-board display will tell you your score for each game, your accumulated score and your accuracy rate. Each mini-game has a hidden “Easter egg” or a target that can trigger high value additional targets.

Mini Games are:

“Hamm and Eggs”, the first scoring mini-game has you shooting targets with plastic eggs at stationary and moving farm animals. For higher scoring, shoot the fox in the hen house, then look for the chickens running out that incrementally increase as you shoot them; shoot the two pigs on the fence, they are replaced by a cat and shoot the cat. Cat point values go up to 2000 points each.
“Rex and Trixie’s Dino Darts” is shooting darts at balloons. Aim for the 6 lava flow balloons which will trigger an eruption of 500 point balloons. Also try to hit one of the comets up in the corners.

“Green Army Men Break the Plates”- Break the high point plates with baseballs and don’t miss the gold ones. There will be a plate tossed up, on both sides, which you and your ride partner need to break to cause even higher point plates to be tossed up.
“Buzz Lightyear Ring Toss”-you are tossing rings over aliens, some on rocket ships, and on a group of eight that are on a ship that you and your partner should concentrate hitting before any of them can regenerate. If you do it, they will turn into a monster robot’s mouth and try to shoot all you can into his mouth the second time it opens-you earn 500 points for each ring. While waiting for the mouth to open, shoot the higher point rockets on the sides.

“Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery”-shoot suction cups at the swinging doors on the saloon to trigger higher point targets that will explode out the top. Keep shooting even when your ride vehicle begins to move. This opens up into a scene with four mine carts riding toward you, two for you, and two for your riding partner. Shoot all the targets on the mine carts. Near the beginning you will also see a bat appear above the carts, shoot it. Shoot some at the carts until the bat appears again at 5000 point value. If you hit the bat again then the points on the mine carts will all be 5000 points. Lastly, shoot the large target as much as possible.
After you have completed all the games and shown your total score, pull the trigger on your toy gun to release confetti.

Good Luck and Shoot Straight.

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