Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part Two

Whether you’re planning a one-day solo trip to Walt Disney World or a two-week family vacation blowout, there is no harm in gathering a few helpful tips before you hit the parks! After all, the more you pre-plan, the more time there will be for spontaneity! So, let’s work together on how we can get the most out of your trip to the most magical place on Earth!

Back Row, Baby!

If you’re heading to Mickey’s PhilharMagic or MuppetVision3D be sure to grab a seat in the center of the backrow. While some theatrical performances are best viewed up-close, 3D films are most effective when viewed from further away and as center as possible! Hint: When called from the queue to the theatre, do not be the first to enter or you will be asked to move “all the way down to the end of the row.” Instead, let a few others pass you by and then make your move!

Take a Towel

If you’re willing to bring a backpack into the parks, we strongly suggest packing a small towel! Whether you brave Splash Mountain or get caught in some midday rain, you’ll be a much happier camper if you have towel handy to help you dry off before you carry on with your fun-filled day. Pro Tip: If you really want to be a hero, take a few extra pairs of socks, while you’re at it. You friends and family will thank you!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Celebrating a special occasion? Be sure to pick up a button at your resort hotel or in the parks from Guest Services. Who knows, you may even receive a little extra special treatment while donning them around the parks! At the very least, they’re a fun, festive, and a clever conversation starter!

Get Moving

Face it, sometimes we don’t feel like waiting for Disney transportation. Fortunately, there is a helpful sidewalk that runs between Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot that you can travel! This route takes only 30 minutes and is often found to be faster than boarding any form of transportation between the two parks. We suggest using this option early in the day before the midday sun arrives!

Just Be Cool

What do Country Bear Jamboree, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, and the Hall of Presidents all have in common? Magic Kingdom and Air Conditioning! Okay, they have a lot more common than that! But for the sake of this tip, we will stick with those two! Each of these shows are located in a different land and therefor naturally space out our need for a cool down.

If you wish to travel clockwise through Magic Kingdom you will find that it takes roughly six minutes to walk from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room (Adventureland) to Country Bear Jamboree (Frontierland), 1 minute from Country Bear Jamboree (Frontierland) to The Hall of Presidents (Liberty Square), and 6 minutes from The Hall of Presidents to Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress (Tomorrowland).

Chew ’em If You’ve Got ’em

Ever notice how immaculate the streets of Main Street U.S.A. are? One of the ways they keep their property so pristine is due to the lack of chewing gum found around the resort. In fact, there is absolutely no gum sold anywhere throughout the resort! If you are an avid gum-chewer, be sure to stash a few extra packs in your to-go bag!

Park Hop Until You Can’t Stop

Adding a Park Hopper Pass onto your reservation is the best way to make sure that you and your family experience all there is to experience at Walt Disney World. On any given day, Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and/or Disney’s Hollywood Studios could post different Opening/Closing schedules. In some cases, one park could stay open a whole 5 hours longer than the rest! Over a weeklong vacation, that could add up to a whole other day of fun, all yours for the taking… if you’ve got a Park Hopper Pass!

And there you have it, our Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part Two! Be sure to check our Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part One and stay tuned for Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part Three!

Until then, see ya real soon!

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