Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part Three

Have you ever had a dream you showed up to a big gathering, filled with tons and tons of people, only to look down and realize that you were sporting nothing but your birthday suit? Well, that is kind of what it is like to walk into Walt Disney World without a plan! Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the notion that giving your trip structure gets in the way of the fun! Truth is, it only enhances the good times ahead. Lucky for you, Disney-fanatics around the world have already done the work for you by making countless trips to the parks, reserving a room at every single resort, running extensive R&D on each attraction, and filling themselves to the brim with sweets treats and savory delights at every (yes, every) restaurant on property, all in the hopes of one day sharing their scholarly knowledge with you. (I know, it’s a hard job, but someone’s got to it!) The next step is up to you! Simply do a bit of reading, take the tips you like, disregard the rest, and away you go! You’re already on your way to making your next trip to the most magical place on earth one for the books!

For Free, Take!

Believe it or not, there are tons of FREE things to do around Walt Disney World; Animal Kingdom Lodge invites non-hotel guests to stroll about the grounds and pay a visit the resident zebra, giraffe, gazelle, and flamingoes. Meanwhile, Campfire sing-alongs with Chip ‘n’ Dale are a staple at Fort Wilderness, as are outdoor screenings of Disney classics at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. In addition, you’ll find plenty of options at Disney Springs, where parking is FREE, as is the endless array of live entertainment you will find around every corner.

Make Sure You Measure Up

This one is short and simple; be sure that everyone in your party meets the height requirements for the attractions you may wish to experience together. By anticipating which rides may be off limits to your little ones and keeping their expectations at bay, you will avoid a not-so-magical melt down!

Explore the height requirements for most attractions and rides at Walt Disney World Resort by clicking here!

Make Advanced Dining Reservations… Now!

Whether you’re planning a Character Breakfast for the entire family or just a little romantic dinner between you and that someone special, you are going to want to make your Advanced Dining Reservation… now! I know, it is hard to know what you’re going to want to eat two months from now, but do your best. Worst case scenario, you cancel the reservation if there is a change of plans.

Guests may make advance reservations for dining 60 days in advance. In addition, Disney Resort hotel Guests can make reservations up to 60 days in advance plus the length of their stay (up to 10 days).

Note: This used to be 180 days in advance. However, as of 4/1/21 it is 60 days in advance.

Memory Maker

Photo Caption: Hey Look! It’s me and my beautiful wife, Kimberly!

As the Sherman Brothers song goes, “Makin’ memories, makin’ memories, takin’ pictures is makin’ memories…” If you were thinking of skipping Disney’s Memory Maker Photo Pass, think again! This handy little tool gives you digital downloads of your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos, select attraction photos and videos, professional shots taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers, and Magic Shots – featuring Disney characters and more!

Yes, I know you have a cellphone that can take epic photos. But I assure you, they won’t capture the magic and grandeur that these professional shots will.

Just Breathe

Walt Disney World can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been before. In addition to the infinite amount of rides, attractions, shows, and restaurants, you have heat, crowds, and lines to contend with as well. Is it all worth it? You better believe it! But in those times where tensions may be high, remember to breathe. This may not be the sage-like wisdom you were hoping to find, but the experts can tell you, it is probably the most practical advice you’ll get! After all, you have done a wonderful thing; you’ve decided to take your family on a Disney vacation! Don’t allow the hustle and bustle to work you up! Instead, lead the way and set an example for your family and those around you! Keep calm, cool, and collected. We assure you, when you look back on those priceless photographs, you’ll find nothing but smiles!    

And there you have it, our Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part Three! Be sure to check our Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part One and Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part Two!

See ya real soon!

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