Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part One

Walt Disney World is a true utopia where magic is made, wishes are granted, and dreams really do come true. However, sometimes there is so much enchantment that it can be a bit overwhelming. Not to worry, today we are going dive into a few of our super easy tips to help navigate your way around the most magical place on earth! So, pull down the lap bar, tug on your yellow safety strap, and away we gooooo!


I know, this advice sounds darn right cruel for you night owls out there. However, if you are hoping to conquer the parks, you’re going to need a solid head start! Be sure to journey to your park of choice one hour prior to the scheduled opening. This little magical lead time is when you’ll find severely decreased Wait Times (we’re talking practically walk-on, y’all) for most major attractions including Test Track, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Flight of Passage, and more! So, set your alarm and rest easy knowing you can catch up on those heavily coveted Z’s when your trip is through.

Don’t Eat on Time!

Avoid eating at peak times, including 12PM to 2PM, 5:30PM to 8PM. Why? Well, not only will this lead to a quicker and calmer dining experience, but this is also the time that EVERYONE in the park is rushing to the nearest restaurant to get their eat on! Simply put, you are more likely to get on your favorite attraction in these designated windows.

Follow the Map!

Sure, you can hit all your favorite Must-Do attractions first, especially if you follow Tip #1. But after that, what do you do? Chances are, by the time you’ve conquered the mountains, you’re ready for a little rest and relaxation. An easy way to save yourself some steps is to follow the map. That’s right, we’re suggesting that you literally go in order from one attraction to the next. You can start clockwise or counter-clockwise, there is no wrong way! (Unless you start in Canada first while traveling through World Showcase…. j/k…. kind of.) While we’re fully aware that this isn’t the best strategy in terms of beating the Wait Times, it will most certainly save you miles in the end. So, give it a try… your feet will thank you!

Bring an Extra Phone Charger!

We will give you the answers and you try to guess the question! Okay…

Answer: Impromptu Castle Photos, Checking Wait Times, Managing Your Plans, Mobile Ordering, PlayDisney, and Checking Park Maps.

Question: What is… The myriad of ways to drain your cellphone at Walt Disney World.

Personally, I love the feeling of a fully loaded phone battery! It gives me peace of mind knowing that if I get separated from my crew, they’re all just a text away! But let’s face it, chances are your phone is on its last 10% by midday, at best! That is why we suggest bringing a portable FuelRod into the parks with you! You can zip around the property all day long without the stress of falling out of touch with your friends back home or even worse, not being able to instantly access that priceless Tower of Terror Photo Pass pic! Don’t worry, no one looks cute mid 130-foot drop in the air!

Get Help!

Believe me, this is more about you than it is self-promotion! Walt Disney World can be a bit of a labyrinth to navigate, especially when it comes to booking your hotel, park passes, dining plan, transportation… you name it! Vacations are meant to be stress free, right? So, don’t start off on the wrong foot. Let a Disney certified travel agency take care of it for you! Reach out to The Traveling Mouse Company for a no-obligation, fee-free quote today!

And there you have it, our Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part One! Be sure to stay tuned for Top Walt Disney World Tips You Can’t Live Without: Part Two!

Until then, see ya real soon!

Do you have any helpful tips that you would like to share? Be sure to leave a comment below!