The Attractions You’re NOT Doing at Walt Disney World… and Really Should!

Sure, you’ve gone hard at all four parks – rope dropping the mountains and maxing out the thrill rides. But what if this next trip, you flip Walt Disney World on its head? That’s right, mix it up and do the unthinkable – hit those A-ticket attractions that you’ve been skipping over! Only then can you tell your family and friends that you’ve “DONE IT ALL” at Walt Disney World. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list just for you of The Attractions You’re NOT Doing at Walt Disney World… and Really Should!


Magic Carpets of Aladdin

This attraction may seem like little more than an Aladdin-esque take on the classic Dumbo attraction, but in reality… there is more than meets the eye. For starters, it a great way to view Adventureland from a new vantage point. Not to mention, there is a spitting camel stationed right outside the queue. Call me crazy, but watching your family and friends get drenched is worth the price of admission!

Prince Charming Regal Carousel

You’d be surprised to find how few Disney-devotees have never ridden the Prince Charming Regal Carousel. Sure, there are no twists, turns, or glimpses of Imagineering greatness here. But it does offer you rare opportunity to feel like a kid again! And isn’t that kind of the whole point?!

Astro Orbiter

This ride can seem a little childish but it really does offer you the coolest sky-high view of Walt Disney World property. And, if you’re a theme park nerd (like me), you’ll appreciate being able to catch a glimpse of some hidden areas, including locations that are currently under-construction.


Journey Into Imagination

You can chalk this up to a “kiddy” ride as you want, but Figment is the spirit of EPCOT. So, if you wish to gain a little deeper insight into the Imagineering mindset, you best hop aboard and let the little purple dragon show you around his laboratory!

Gran Fiesta Tour

Sadly, many people have walked in and out of the Mexico pavilion without even noticing this beloved fan favorite. If you’re one of them, it is time for you to pay a visit to your amigos (Panchito, Jose’, and Donald) for a wild boat tour around Mexico!


Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

We know, we know… Galaxy’s Edge is what all the fuss is about! But don’t forget to pay homage for what very well paved the way! Not to mention, this attraction holds up!!! In fact, some fans still prefer it to Smugglers Run. And by some fans, I mean… me.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

If you’re a purist and prefer the classic version of Mickey, you’re not alone. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying this amazing new attraction. In fact, before you do, I encourage you to watch at least five to ten of the new Mickey shorts. Once you get over the fact that its not the Mickey you grew up with, I think you’ll start to find that the spirit of this iteration is a lot closer to the original than versions we have seen in recent decades. And the same goes for this attraction!


TriceraTop Spin

I’ve got nothing…. just…. do it to say you did.

Na’vi River Journey

There is nothing that sets the tone for the splendor that is Pandora like starting your day in the park with a ride through Na’vi. Calm, peaceful, harmonious, and oh-so-under-rated, this attraction is the perfect companion to Flight of Passage. Be sure to make time for both!

Kali River Rapids

This River Rapid gets a bad rap, but I assure you that there is enough in the queue to keep your eyes busy for a lifetime. Not to mention, there is nothing better than a water ride on a hot day in the Sunshine State!

And there you have it, our list of The Attractions You’re NOT Doing at Walt Disney World.

Do you have any attractions that you’ve always avoided until now? Let us know in the comments!