Did you know that there are over 25+ Walt Disney World Resort hotels from which to choose, each with their own unique style and accommodations? However, some may be better than others. How to choose? We can help! We ranked our TOP 5 WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORTS, and we think you’ll be awfully surprised with the results…

  1. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

When it comes to high-themeing, Wilderness Lodge has all the other Walt Disney World Resort hotels beat! This rustic retreat literally whisks you away from all the other theme park mayhem and plops you down into… well… the wilderness. Inspired by turn-of-the-century National Park lodges, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge celebrates American craftsmanship and honors the beauty of the untamed splendor of the great outdoors. This one is a favorite among locals, as it truly pulls you out of the Sunshine State esthetic and offers you pine forest nature trails, towering totem poles, roaring campfires and the feeling of perpetual fall.

  1. Disney’s Old Key WestDisney’s Old Key West

We can feel your surprise from here! Look, there is a lot to love about Old Key West – sometimes you’re looking for something with a bit more chill than what the typical Walt Disney World resort has to offer. Here, you can escape to the tranquil community of Conch Flats—a sprawling island hamlet with shimmering waterways, swaying palm trees and manicured golf-course fairways. If you love the picturesque colorful palate of the Florida Keys and want to soak up the sun and tropical vibes in addition to your theme park excursions… this is the resort for you.

  1. Disney’s Beach Club Villas / Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

We’re not cheating, we swear! Technically, this one is a tie. Disney’s Beach Club offers the leisure and romance of a New England-style beach hotel, while Disney Boardwalk Villas present a timeless elegance and old-fashioned charm of turn-of-the-century Atlantic City. Now, when it comes to choosing between these two, you must understand something! Though Beach Club may be marginally closer, both these fine resorts are within walking-distance of Walt Disney World’s second gate. And you know that at the end of a day walking around the Disney parks, every step counts. Especially when you can walk (cough-stumbling-cough) back to your resort after imbibing at Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival.


Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

The being said, Boardwalk offers late-night entertainment and a livelier atmosphere. So, you’re looking to party and don’t mind the extra few feet, Boardwalk is for you.

  1. Disney’s Animal Kingdom LodgeDisney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you are a foodie who likes animals, this one is a no-brainer! I mean, where else can you enjoy a Mango Lassi while watching a Giraffe stretch his legs?! In addition, there is a plethora of culinary and cultural tour to take here! Inspired by the traditional African kraal, the horseshoe-curved design provides spectacular views of 4 lush savannas that over 200 hoofed animals and birds call home. Frankly, the authenticity alone is worth the price of lodging! So why didn’t this make it to number one? Well, unless you only plan on visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park each and every day of your stay, this resort is a bit out of the way, adding extra time onto your travels. And unlike Magic Kingdom and EPCOT’s monorail and/or Hollywood Studios and EPCOT’s Disney Skyliner, there is no unique mode of transportation to help you park hop!

  1. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

We can wax poetic for hours on end about who we absolutely LOVE Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, from its tropical South Pacific décor and lush vegetation to its world-class food offerings and exotic atmosphere. But when it comes to real estate it is all about… LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. While Disney’s Contemporary Resort may be closer to Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is just one monorail stop away AND is walking distance from the TTA, with a breathtaking view of the castle from The Great Ceremonial House. Lastly, if you’re looking for a peaceful and serene resort to enjoy both park proximity and resort specific amenities, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort takes the… ca– er… noodles!

Frankly, every Walt Disney World resort hotel is a win. The list is just our personal favorite. What are your top five? Let us know in the comments below!