Are You a REAL Fan? Take the Walt Disney Snack Quiz!

Let’s face it, Walt Disney World snacks are where it is at! Are you a real fan? Take the Walt Disney Snack Quiz and find out!

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich – 1 Point

Your classic ice cream sandwich just got a Mickey makeover… and it looks GOOD! If you’re in parks on a hot day… this is the choice for you!

Mickey Pretzel – 2 Points

Soft, salty, and filling – this beloved pretzel is the perfect midday snack to keep you rallying in the parks!

You can track ‘em down at several snacks carts throughout the parks.

Mickey Bar – 3 Points

Mouthwatering vanilla ice cream coated in a Mickey-shaped chocolate shell – what’s not to love?!

Want to get your hands on this classic bite? Head to almost any ice cream cart around any of the four parks and you’re bound to find some!

Popcorn – 4 Points

Did you ever notice that movie theatre popcorn is somehow tastier than homemade popcorn? Well, take that and multiply it by 100% and you’ve got Walt Disney World popcorn! Mickey has made this crunchy, salty, and buttery treat somehow crunchier, saltier, and… well… butterier! And the best part – you can find it at all four main parks!

Rice Crispy Treat – 5 Points

This next selection could literally fall into the category of breakfast, lunch, or dessert! Unlike Dole Whip and Mickey Bars, one of the best things about this scrumptious delight is that it is super easy it is to eat while traveling through the park. Be sure to pick one up (or two, ore three) next time you’re at Goofy’s Candy Shop or The Confectionary!

Churro – 6 Points

Though Disneyland has really corned the market on these cinnamon and sugar follies, Walt Disney Word super-fans are no stranger to the fried dough! Can’t find them in the parks? Follow your nose! Or, when in doubt, just visit Anaheim Produce at Hollywood Studios! 

Dole Whip – 7 Points

Creamy, tart, refreshing – this iconic Disney classic just may be the most intoxicatingly delightful treat at Walt Disney World. You can find this staple in three locations around Walt Disney World: Aloha Isle (Adventureland, Magic Kingdom), Pineapple Lanai (The Polynesian Resort), Tamu Tamu Refreshments (Africa, Animal Kingdom).

Candy Apple – 8 Points

Walt Disney World is literally littered with enticingly sweet Candy Apples! Not only are they a filling treat, but they’re also truly one of the most beautifully decorated snacks on site! Seriously, just take one glance and you won’t be able to resist. Just be sure to tell Snow White to avoid Goofy’s Candy Company (Disney Springs), Main Street Confectionary (Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom), Big Top Souvenirs (Circus, Magic Kingdom), and Sweet Spells (Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios)!

Turkey Leg – 9 Points

When is a snack and meal? When it’s a Turkey Leg! This salty and savory classic conjures major Americana-vibes and that is why you can find them throughout Frontierland (Magic Kingdom) and American Adventure (Epcot). No matter where you get yours, it is guaranteed to be one unforgettable carnivorous culinary concoction!

The Kitchen Sink Sundae – 10 Points

Whether you prefer Disney’s Beaches and Cream Restaurant or Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom), the Kitchen Sink Sundae is a MUST DO! Delicious ice cream, a ton of toppings, and a cherry on top make this dessert the ultimate Walt Disney World indulgence!


  • 55 Points: You’re Mickey Mouse!
  • 54 – Points – 45 Points: You’re Minnie Mouse!
  • 44 Points – 25 Points: You’re Donald Duck!
  • 23 Points – 5 Points: You’re Goofy!
  • 4 – 0 Points: You’re Peg Leg Pete!

Be sure to post your score on the comments below!