50 Disney Facts That’ll Knock The Mickey Ears Right Off Your Head!

One of the things fans love most about Disney is that there is always more to learn! No matter how many times you’ve watched your favorite animated feature or visited your favorite park, you can always uncover a new factoid or two! And that is why we have comprised a list of 50 Disney facts that’ll knock the Mickey Ears right off your head! So, if you’re ready to fall in love with Disney all over again, let’s dive right in!

  1. What is Walt Disney’s full name? Answer: Walter Elias Disney

2. Before Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney created a loveable rabbit by the name of? Answer: Oswald

3. What was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon Answer: Plan Crazy

4. When did Walt Disney World officially open? Answer: October 1st, 1971.

5. How big is Walt Disney World? Answer: Walt Disney World encompasses roughly 50 square miles.

6. How much were admission ticket when Disney World first opened? Answer: A whopping $3.50!

7. How far apart are trash cans spaced at Walt Disney World? Answer: You are never more than 30 steps away from the nearest trash can!

8. How many times has Disney World closed to the public? Answer: Walt Disney World has only closed a total of 8 times!

9. Which parks tagline is “The Most Magical Place on Earth”? Answer: Magic Kingdom Park

10. What is the height of Cinderella Castle? Answer: Cinderella Caster is 189 feet tall. If that seems shorter than you expected, that is due to the architectural wonder than is “forced perspective.”

11. How many bricks were used to construct Cinderella Castle? Answer: Zero! That’s right, the exterior is made completely of steel beams, plaster, concrete, and molded fiberglass.

12. What is the oldest attraction in the entire Magic Kingdom? Answer: Prince Charming Regal Carousel, built for the Detroit’s Belle Isle Park in 1917.

13. Which real life town inspired Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA? Answer: Marceline, Missouri – the town Walt Disney fondly spent 4 years of his childhood.  

14. Which land in the Magic Kingdom has no bathrooms? Answer: Liberty Square. Why? Because Disney Imagineers wanted to keep this area as authentic to Colonial times as possible!

15. What is the motto of the It’s a Small World attraction? Answer: “The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed.”

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16. When Cast Members shut down Pirates of the Caribbean for the evening they all say “Goodbye, George.” Why? Answer: An Imagineer by the name of George was killed during the construction of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Rumor has it that the ghost of George haunts the classic attraction to this very day.

17. How many trains does Big Thunder Mountain have? Answer: 6 trains.

18. What are their names? Answer: I.B. Hearty, I.M. Brave, I.M. Fearless, U.B. Bold, U.R. Daring, and U.R. Courageous.

19. How many happy haunts inhabit The Haunted Mansion? Answer: 999… but there’s room for a thousand. Any volunteers… Mwwwaahhhaaa!

20. What Magic Kingdom attraction was “flight-tested” by U.S. astronauts prior to opening to the general public? Answer: Space Mountain

21. What did EPCOT originally stand for? Answer: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

22. What is the biggest pavilion in Epcot? Answer: The Land.

23. What was the original name of The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion? Answer: The Living Seas

24. Why is there a sign reading “1787” over the entrance to The Hall of Presidents? Answer: Because that is when the Constitution of the United States was drafted.

25.  What do the “Spirit of America” statues at The America Adventure pavilion represent? Answer: Adventure, Compassion, Discovery, Freedom, Heritage, Independence, Individualism, Innovation, Knowledge, Pioneering, Self-Reliance, and Tomorrow.

26. Which science fiction author was hired to help develop the story-line for Epcot’s Spaceship Earth? Answer: Ray Bradbury

27. How tall is Spaceship Earth? Answer: 180-feet-tall

28. How much does Spaceship Earth weight? Answer: Almost 16 million pounds.

29. How many gallons of water does Epcot’s Aquarium of the Seas hold? Answer: 5.7 million gallons.

30. What is the fastest ride at Disney World? Answer: With speeds of up to 65 MPH, Test Track comes out on top.

31. Which attraction requires more computer power than NASA’s space shuttle? Answer: Mission: SPACE

32. What is the name of the upcoming EPCOT attraction featuring Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? Answer: Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

33. How many animals reside at Animal Kingdom? Answer: There are approximately 1,700 animals representing 250 different species living in Animal Kingdom.

34. Which Imagineer is most recognized for bringing Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park to life? Answer: Joe Rohde

35. What is the tallest attraction in Animal Kingdom? Answer: Expedition Everest, standing at 199 feet tall.

36. How many carvings does Animal Kingdom’s iconic Tree of Life have? Answer: The 145-feet tall, 50-feet wide artificial baobab tree features 325 carvings of extinct or near-extinct animal species.

37. Who was the first rock band approached by Disney to star in the Rock “n’ Roller Coaster attraction? Answer: U2.

38. What is the name of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror hotel? Answer: Hollywood Tower Hotel

39. Which street in Hollywood Studios is a re-creation of Hollywood’s theater district? Answer: Sunset Boulevard

40. Which attraction replaced The Great Movie Ride? Answer: Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

41. What is the name of the new Star Wars theme land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Answer: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

42. Approximately how many turkey legs are consumed at Walt Disney World each year?  Answer: 1.6 million turkey legs

43. What resort does the monorail run through? Answer: The Contemporary Resort.

44. How many articles of clothing does the costume department at Disney World own? Answer: Over 1.2 million! I think we’re gonna need a bigger closet!

45. Where can you experience the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue? Answer: Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

46. Who is the mascot of Blizzard Beach? Answer: Ice Gator

47. Which legendary professional golfer won the first Walt Disney World professional golf tournament? Answer: Jack Nicklaus

48. How many sunglasses have been lost at Walt Disney World since opening day? Answer: An estimated 1.65 million sunglasses!

49. What percent of Walt Disney World is dedicated to greenery? Answer: Approximately 12%

50. What is the tagline for Walt Disney World’s upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration? Answer: The World’s Most Magical Celebration

And there you have it, our 50 Disney Facts That’ll Knock The Mickey Ears Right Off Your Head! How did you do? Post your total of RIGHT ANSWERS in the comments below! And let us know if you have any fun Disney Facts you’d like us to add for next time!