13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED] – Part 2

Welcome back, friends! Did you know that you could fit 51 Disneylands inside Walt Disney World? Yet, there are still 13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park that Disney World fans can only drool over!

Wait – that’s not true! You can always book a trip to Disneyland and experience these awesome attractions for yourself! Just be sure to check with your Traveling Mouse Travel Agent before you do because these Diz-fanatics knows all the tips and tricks!

Before we jump into Part 2 of our 13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED], let do a short recap on 13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED] – Part I:

  • 13. Casey Jr. Circus Train
  • 12. Storybook Land Canal Boats
  • 10. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
  • 9. Snow White’s Scary Adventures
  • 8. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
  • 7. Matterhorn Bobsleds

So, what have we missed? Better keep reading!

It’s time to go walking in Walt’s footsteps?!

Let’s goooooo!

7. Alice in Wonderland

Walt Disney World’s version of The Mad Tea Party cannot touch this 1955 classic dark ride attraction. In fact, you will not find this curious attraction anywhere else in the world! Hence, why it has landed a special place at number #7 on our 13 Awesome Rides in Disneyland That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED] list.

Yet another dark ride – Here, you are welcome to board a giant caterpillar and retrace the steps of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland, as you encounter The Mad Hatter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, The Cheshire Cat and more.

Having made its debut in 1958, nearly three year after Disneyland Park opened to the public, it as only gotten better throughout the years – receiving updates and revision in both 1984 and 2014.

6. it’s a small world Holiday (Overlay)

It’s a Small World Holiday is an annual version of the classic attraction it’s a small world, featured throughout the Christmas and holiday season. As you would expect, the attraction is the exact same boat and voyage. However, various decoration, décor, and costuming has been reimagined in holiday fashion. And the earworm theme song is not played throughout the entire ride. That’s right! Instead, the children sing a sweet rendition of  of “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls.”

One of our personal favorite Traveling Mouse details can be found right as you exit through the “goodbye room” where the Postcards have been replaced with Christmas cards!

As expected, even the exterior of the attraction gets in on the action by being adorned with thousands of twinkling lights. You’ll even find that the clock is donning a Santa hat, white garland and wreaths hang along the doors, and every 15-minutes there is projection show that takes place.

Typically, the traditional attraction is closed in late-October to receive temporary festive re-decorating and reopens in early-November before the start of the busy holiday tourist season.

Since 1997, it’s a small world Holiday has become an annual tradition at Disneyland and inspired holiday overlays to Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and formerly Hong Kong Disneyland. You’d think by now Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World would get with the program, huh?

Hint, hint. Wink, wink.

5. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED] – Part 2

This one hurts, doesn’t it, Disney World fans?!

ICYMI: Walt Disney World sent Dizztwiter ablaze when they suddenly closed this cult classic and replaced it with a Winnie the Pooh attraction. This marks one of the first moments in Disneyfandom where fans gave themselves a voice by petitioning Disney’s decision to make such a seemingly abrupt change in the park. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for all you Winnie the Pooh fans out there) to no avail. Alas, fans can still make their way to Anaheim and enjoy this rare and raucous ride.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is one of the park’s most well-known dark rides. It is filled with jokes, gags, and wacky whimsy.

If you’ve never ridden it, be prepared: Hop into a 2-person, open-air buggy as you skid past wobbling stacks of books, barrel through a fireplace, hurl into a dining room, careen through a wall-sized window, race past a riverbank, and smash crates and ignite a fiery explosion… all while avoiding a platoon of policemen — just be sure to but look out for that train!

Oh – and it ends in hell. Literally.

Yeh, this ride is a relic because there is no way in – heck – that Disney would ever turn out such an obscure and demonic attraction like this by today’s IP-centric standards. And for that (and so much more) we LOVE it!

4. Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout

13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED] – Part 2

Though technically just a reskinned Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, this ride takes 20+ year technology and turns it on its head with special effects, appearances by popular characters, and music inspired by the soundtracks from the movies. Meanwhile, 6 different storyline experiences are at your disposal throughout this thrilling free-fall drop sequences.

Full of thrills, chills, and manic energy… this attraction has become a real crowd pleaser!

In Conclusion… for now!

Uh-oh, we’re out of time! And we were just getting to the really really good stuff! We still haven’t even talked about Jack, Sally, and — opps! You’re just going to have to stayed tuned for 13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED] – Part 3 to find out!