13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED] – Part 1

New Flash – Disneyland and Disney World are far from identical. In fact, there are dozens of differences throughout the parks; from size and scope to rides and dining. Today, we’re going to unpack 13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World!

If you’ve got your sights set on a Disneyland vacation, this list is sure to push you over the Matterhorn. Just be sure to contact your Traveling Mouse Travel Agent before you make any big plans, as they are all skilled professionals and can make your once in a lifetime vacation a dream come true!

Ready to walk in Walt’s footsteps?

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13. Casey Jr. Circus Train

All aboard! We begin our journey around Disneyland with an oldie but a goodie!

If you’ve got a little Mouseketeer in the family, you’re not going to want to miss this kid-centric attraction, inspired by the classic animated movie Dumbo. Take a whimsical tour on Casey Jr.’s circus Train through mini versions of fairytale settings from timeless Disney film, including Frozen, Three Little Pigs, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, and more. Along the way, Casey Jr. faces his biggest challenge: an impossible hill. Can he do it? You’ll just have to ride and see!

You may be thinking – this appears to be an everyday train ride – but this family-friendly favorite is full of Disney charm. Not to mention, it is a 1955 original attraction!

12. Storybook Land Canal Boats

Board a 12-person boat and travel down the open-air waterway into the mouth of Monstro the Whale, as you traverse through the fantasy worlds of Disney’s animated landmarks. These hand-built cottages, towns and palaces feature whimsical landscaping, enchanting music and special lighting effects.

While comparable to the Casey Jr. Circus Train, we gave it higher ranking due to the mere fact that… well, everything is better on a boat!

11. Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure

Celebrating the studio’s second animated film, this 1983 dark ride brings the famed 1940 classic to life.

Hop aboard a woodcarver’s cart at the Stromboli Puppet Theatre, where Pinocchio is singing and dancing in a festive marionette show. Then escape the clutches of the nefarious puppet-master Stromboli, venture to Pleasure Island, and come face to face with mighty Monstro the Whale!

There aren’t too many unexpected effects in this attractions, but it is nice to see this often overlooked classic get some love!

10. Snow White’s Scary Adventures

Now, who can deny Disney’s very first princess? This classic dark ride sends you on a magical journey into memorable scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Your fairytale journey begins in the cozy cottage of the Seven Dwarfs and continues as you visit dazzling mines filled with glowing gems. Soon you will be riding into the Queen’s sorcery chamber and discovering a magic mirror just as Snow White bites into a poisoned apple!

The original incarnation of this attraction was too scary for most young visitors and was the cause of quite a few nightmares! However, it has since been tamed, revamped, and is now much more accessible to guests of all ages.

9. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Finding Nemo’s Submarine Voyage is a refreshing modern day take on Disneyland’s Captain Nemo’s Nautilus!

Journey on an immersive underwater expedition through the big blue world, as a fleet of yellow submarines take you through a coral reef to witness the flora and fauna that dwell in this magnificent seascape.

If you’re in search of some historical Disneyland treasure troves, this revamped ride supplies some subtle nods to its predecessor, while providing the same conceptual magic of it’s 1959 voyage.

8. Matterhorn Bobsleds

Sure, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park has Expedition Everest, but Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsled was an idea straight from Walt himself. Beat that, Walt Disney Word!

In 1959, Walt fell in love with the real Matterhorn while filming the 1959 live-action film Third Man on the Mountain. Today, this beloved attraction invites sledders to hurtle through an 80-foot snow-capped mountain on a speeding at 6-person alpine sled while actively dodging the clutches of the Abominable Snowman.

While the ride vehicles are a tad dated, the attraction itself remains as stunning today as it did in 1959. It also provides a bit of unexpected variety. You see , there are actually 2 bobsled tracks: 1 on the Fantasyland side of the mountain and other on the Tomorrowland side!

In Conclusion… for now

And that concludes our 13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED] – Part 1. As you can already see, there is quite a bit that Disneyland Park has that Walt Disney World is lacking… especially when it comes to dark rides! And we have haven’t even touched on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride yet! Opps… perhaps we’ve said too much! You’ll just have to join us for 13 Awesome Attractions in Disneyland Park That Aren’t in Disney World [RANKED] – Part 2!

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